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community engagement and workplace donation programs

Staff morale is an important issue at all times. More and more, employers are looking for non-financial methods of increasing morale and building employee loyalty.

Workplace donation programs are a simple and cost effective method of achieving this goal. Donation programs allow staff to give to registered charities through their workplace payroll program. Often, the employer will match the funds donated to encourage more giving. The ATO has set guidelines that allow staff to have their donations deducted through payroll. Aside from the above benefits, the funds donated can be in the employer's name thus further raising its corporate image.

But involvement doesn't need to stop with financial donation. We help you establish and develop programs that allow for volunteering andcommunity outreach. We also try to make sure that you receive feedback from the community groups you help.

We work in conjunction with non-profit groups who have proven track records in creating, implementing, managing and evaluating community programs that:

  • Are staff owned and managed
  • Dovetail with your strategic goals
  • Provide you and your staff with choice
  • Create a line of sight between your contribution and the difference you are making
  • Respect staff time
  • Provide you with an independent, objective partner to select and manage projects to be supported

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All proceeds paid to ENVY for these services go toward non-profit organisations.


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