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corporate social responsibility

It is not enough for today's companies to simply manage their business. Companies also need to manage their reputation. Corporate Social Responsibility has become increasingly important, particularly for organisations that are public, have international operations or work closely with governments.

A company that suffers reputational damage risks a decline in customer base, low staff morale, costly litigation and lost revenue. By contrast, a company that is a proper corporate citizen, transparent and accountable in its dealings, can enhance its bottom line, lower its risk exposure and achieve true sustainability.

ENVY Corporate can assist your organisation to effectively manage its reputation, increase profitability, manage risk and enhance stakeholder relations. Our specialists have the skills to:

  • Formulate operating principles and vision statements
  • Research both social and technical solutions
  • Facilitate community relations programs and initiatives
  • Broker and co-ordinate sponsorships
  • Devise stakeholder engagement strategies
  • Manage publicity and media relations
  • Manage issues and crises
  • Develop sustainability performance indicators
  • Audit and report on environmental and occupational health & safety performance
  • Educate and train staff

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some of our clients


Examples of companies for which our consultants have developed specific Corporate Social Responsibility programs include: CSR, Bayer Australia, Sericol Australia (Australia's largest screen print supply company) and Rickard & Partners (civil engineering).


We look forward to talking with you about how ENVY can improve your bottom line and sustainability of your business. Please contact us for a no-obligation initial assessment.