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ecological studies

With natural areas decreasing and pollution coming to the forefront of global issues, ecological studies are becoming increasingly prevalent.

Development proposals often require an environmental impact assessment of some sort which in turn entails an assessment of the potential impacts on flora and fauna. Some proposals could have such an impact on species that a species impact statement may be mandatory.

In many instances, the development of formal plans will assist with the enhancement and conservation of ecological systems. Such plans can have a variety of forms such as development control plans, local and regional environmental plans, land management plans and plans of management for natural areas.

Our consultants are capable of carrying out ecological studies in respect of:

  • Biodiversity conversion
  • Natural ecosystems
  • Fauna and flora impact assessment
  • Management of natural areas
  • Wildlife and vegetation corridors
  • Ecologically sustainable development
  • Land and water management plans
  • Species impact statements
  • Environmental management plans

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think further than home


What we do in our corporate lives has greater impact than merely those immediately effected. There are a number of stakeholders affected by corporate actions, one that is often forgetten is nature itself!


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