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environmental auditing, due diligence and impact assessment

environmental audit
Environmental audits are an important tool for management when striving to enhance an organisation's performance, or when benchmarking is required. An environmental audit will identify the current standard of performance and provide for the identification of actions that may be required to redress any shortcomings. Our consultants can:

  • Design and conduct thorough environmental audits
  • Train personnel in auditing techniques and procedures
  • Help develop action plans and timetables to remedy operational or policy deficiencies
  • Develop and implement an audit program targeting different aspects of the business over time
  • Report to senior management or appointed Board members the findings of an audit and recommendations for future action

due diligence
Due diligence strategies are now a key component of good corporate governance and risk management. Organisations need to identify and manage their environmental and occupational health and safety risks. Risks need to be foreseen and strategies adopted to manage them effectively. Senior management need to benchmark operational and compliance performance and keep abreast of best practices.
For organisations considering a merger or acquisition, a due diligence assessment of the environmental and health and safety performance of the company under consideration is a vital step in pre-purchase deliberations. Such an exercise enables identification of various risks and liabilities, and provides valuable information to assist purchase price negotiations. Our specialists can:

  • Identify and assess the significance of an organisation's environmental risks
  • Assist in developing strategies to eliminate or minimise risks
  • Conduct formal audits
  • Train personnel in practices designed to enhance the management of identified risks

impact assessment
The vast bulk of development proposals require an environmental impact assessment of some sort. Such assessments can range from extensive Environmental Impact Statements, to Reviews of Environmental Factors, to standardised forms for determining the significance of impacts. Some assessments can be carried out by an experienced environmental generalist, others require a multi disciplinary team lead by an experienced project manager. Assessment services provided include:

  • Environmental impact statements (EIS)
  • Reviews of Environmental Factors
  • Statements of Environmental Effects
  • Project management of multi-disciplinary teams and environmental approval processes
  • Independent reviews for technical and statutory adequacy of EIS's
  • Submissions Reports which assess submissions made on EIS's
  • Environmental performance of options
  • Preparation of Development Applications and supporting documentation

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Our consultants have undertaken a range of environmental audits in a number of areas such as: offices, work depots, food and beverage manufacturing plants, waste oil processing facilities, waste management facilities, chemical processing plants, electricity substation construction sites, transmission line construction projects, foundries, and coal mines.


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