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stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder engagement means ensuring that those who hold a stake in your activities have an appropriate and value-adding level of information or involvement in your decisions, processes or operations. Stakeholders can include the local community, business or industry, various levels of government, internal stakeholders, owners and the media.

Our specialists offer a range of strategies for effectively engaging your various stakeholder groups:

  • Engaging the community - forming community advisory panels and steering committees, facilitating workshops and public meetings. Coordinating feedback mechanisms such as surveys and questionnaires, arranging events including open days and site visits, producing newsletters and other publications, creating public displays, brokering sponsorships of community organisations and events, maintaining a positive presence in the local media
  • Engaging business - coordinating involvement with industry associations and events, arranging seminars and conferences, placing editorial in trade publications and industry newsletters, facilitating education and training
  • Engaging government - assisting with tender and approval processes including promoting your socially responsible and sustainable initiatives, identifying and applying for government awards, involving government representatives in workshops, meetings and seminars
  • Engaging the media - establishing good relations with the media, providing effective and newsworthy information to the media
  • Engaging internal stakeholders - producing staff newsletters, coordinating workshops and meetings, facilitating education and training, increasing staff morale and loyalty through community programs

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Stakeholders are a vitally important group, with the power to deter corporate development, effect share prices and alter an organisation's reputation.


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