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telecommunications management and auditing

Our consultants identify errors in telecommunications bills and obtains refunds from telecommunications suppliers. Recently, our consultants identified errors in Telstra bills for:

  • one of the big four banks totalling $2 million including annual savings of almost $500,000
  • a leading automobile manufacturer totalling $2.4 million including annual savings of over $300,000
  • GIO Insurance totalling $1.5 million including annual savings of over $400,000
  • Mayne Nickless totalling $693,000
  • Woolworths totalling $535,000 including annual savings of over $150,000

If your organisation has not had a professional telecommunications audit performed recently then there will certainly be the potential for annual savings and one-time credits from your telecommunications suppliers.

There are two types of savings identified by a telecommunications audit:

  • Annual savings arising as a result of cancellation of services that are non-existent, being incorrectly charged or not needed
  • One time credits for overcharges

We are very confident that your organisation would benefit from such an audit and we are willing to put at risk our fees to prove that this is the case.

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you save or it's free


You will not pay any fees or expenses at all for the audit until a full report is provided to you showing that the savings have commenced. Once the savings have occurred, our charge is 50% of the first year savings only. In other words, the audit will always save you money or it is free!


We look forward to talking with you about how ENVY can improve your bottom line and sustainability of your business. Please contact us for a no-obligation initial assessment.