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waste management and auditing

We take pride in our knowledge and experience in all facets of the waste management industry, from waste minimisation and diversion practices at the point of generation, through to collection, transportation, treatment and disposal of wastes generated.

Our consultants have held senior managerial roles within manufacturing and service industries, as well as in State and Local Government. They are recognised as having a high level of expertise in waste auditing, management and implementation.
Our specialists use a comprehensive system, from initial needs analysis, strategy development, implementation and follow-up. The program is in modular form, allowing clients to control the pace and resourcing of the projects. The services offered in this area include:

  • Waste audits
  • Waste management plan development
  • Strategic review and analysis
  • On site facilitation
  • Diversion strategies
  • Development of support materials
  • Facilitation of industry groups
  • Secure, environmentally friendly document disposal
  • Public place waste management strategies
  • Waste management education programs

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it's a dirty job...


Often we need to examine your company's waste streams in detail. This means we put on our special outfits and wade through (sometimes waste high) your garbage so we can sort it and analyse it! It's a dirty job with a clean outcome.


We look forward to talking with you about how ENVY can improve your bottom line and sustainability of your business. Please contact us for a no-obligation initial assessment.