be green with ENVY!

events with a difference!

Like most other events businesses, we work with you to organise your conferences, incentives, conventions and events of all types. But, if you like, we'll try for a bit more. We'll help you create events that are not only professionally organised and fun, but meaningful and educational as well.

From ecotourism conferences in Argentina, to team building treks through the Andes to archaelogical digs in Greece to carbon neutral product launches in Sydney, we'll find something that will appeal. We're a flexbile bunch who are reliable, dynamic and as creative as the job requires!

And whether it's a local or international project, working with a small group of VIPs or a convention for thousands, we'll help you create something amazing aligned to your own vision, budget and target audience.

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events with meaning


Events can be fun or unique or spectacular or meaningful or educational...or all of the above!

To try something a bit different with a proven team, please contact us and you'll be green with ENVY!


"I was absolutely amazed how you managed to put together a 1,000 person event so quickly, with 14 corporate sponsors, giving each their own attention and branding points! Thanks! " Paul Dirou, General Manager, City Hotel Sydney