be green with ENVY!

get active

Want to be more involved in your local community? Want to make a difference to others abroad? We may be able to help!

We want to do our part in helping too, so we'll try to set you up with a project, not-for-profit or community group that suits your interests. Whether it's animal rights in Asia, cancer in Canada or helping disadvantaged children in Dubbo, we'll help you get in touch. We wouldn't think of charging you for helping out. A simple thank you from the group you help is all we could ever want!

And of course, we can also help your company in engaging the community through well planned, staff empowering programs including volunteering and workplace donations. Click here to find out more.

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we'll do our part too!


We'll do our best to help you find a community of interest that's right for you. And of course, we'll help you for free. Go on and get involved and contact us!


"Through ENVY and your events, you've not only help us raise thousands of dollars but attract volunteers and corporate partners. We can't thank you enough" Bill Downing, CEO, United Way Sydney